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As one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals company, we provide innovations that improve the daily life of nearly everyone, everywhere. Using our expertise in chemistry and engineering, our products transform basic materials into high-value products that give our customers a competitive edge.

Thanks to chemistry, the air and water in many European cities is cleaner today than 100 years ago. Chemistry will also play a key role in tackling climate change. This highlights a very important fact about chemistry – the solution to a chemical problem quite often requires ‘better’ and more sustainable chemicals.

Perstorp’s products can be found in pockets, homes, offices and communities of practically every person on the planet. Some of our products can improve energy efficiency in refrigerators, other can make paint dry faster and enable coatings without solvents. Other products can make animals grow healthier and some make cables softer and more durable. By using natures tiniest building blocks, our products and solutions can contribute to advancing everyday life.

A new strategic direction for growth

For us, innovation is rarely about creating something entirely new. Instead we focus on which customer needs Perstorp can meet using current production capabilities. We make the most of our assets to create the greatest possible customer value.
In response to unprecedented challenges in the wake of Covid-19, Perstorp revised its business strategy at the end of 2020 to become the sustainable solutions provider, focusing on the global Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids, Advanced Materials and Animal Nutrition markets. Our ambition is clear – to create value and enable long-term growth within and beyond the current planning horizon.

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Key facts

Perstorp is a world leader in selected specialty chemicals niches. 
A reliable solutions provider for our prioritized market segments Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids and Animal Nutrition
Integrated polyols and oxo platforms enable an efficient utilization of side streams 
Focused innovation on our core segments, closely linked to our customers
Committed to sustainability and our Finite Material Neutral ambition  
Present in 26 countries and production plants in Europe, Asia and North America
Since October 2022, Perstorp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG), Malaysia´s leading integrated chemicals provider and part of PETRONAS Group
Perstorp is the operator of 8 production units in Asia, Europe and North America with sales representation in all major markets and more than 50 agents, ensures a global presence. 

Competitive strengths

Perstorp's strengths lie in our solutions and their properties and functions, as well as in how we develop and produce them, in close collaboration with our customers.

We stay successful by being:

Focused - for a strong cost position

Perstorp is built around a core of our polyols and oxo technology platforms. By continually sparking off new ideas that can feed back into the core, we strengthen the competitiveness of our customers and that of Perstorp. Working this way gives us a strong cost position.

Big player in small niches

We choose niches with above average GDP growth that match our core competences and where we can achieve a leading position. Perstorp has a top 3 market position for 80 % of our product portfolio.

Resilient and forward-thinking

Perstorp seeks to assume leadership and match the right trends and needs that can be met with existing and new Perstorp products. Perstorp combines a mix of businesses to stay resilient throughout economic cycles.

Perstorp goes to market with two distinctive business models based on the needs and requirements from the customers:

Explanation of Perstorp's business model


Perstorp's sustainability strategy guides us to do the right things in the right way. Sustainability for us involves working with all the aspects that will make our company relevant and successful for another 140 years. This includes our ambition to become Finite Material Neutral and driving an ambitious carbon reduction agenda.

We have embarked on an exciting journey in recent years in order to take a more proactive approach on how Perstorp can contribute to overcoming the challenges of our time in a way that it is aligned with global sustainability objectives and requirements. This is reinforced by our new strategic direction and mission:

“We are the sustainable solutions provider, focusing on the global Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids and Animal Nutrition markets.”

This reflects the areas where Perstorp has its greatest footprint for its operations and becoming Finite Material Neutral will involve switching to alternative resources that are abundant and/or renewable, or closing loops, and recycling or reusing those that are finite. Perstorp has also adopted CO2 targets that are aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement for Scope 1, 2 and 3. 
At Perstorp, we focus our innovation on how our products and solutions can provide and/or enable more sustainable alternatives compared to the standard market offering. Innovation also involves exploring increased resource efficiency and circularity. Since 2017, we have offered a growing portfolio of products and solutions with renewable content – our Pro-Environment Solutions.

Contributing to the UN's sustainable development goals and the European green deal

By providing solutions and enabling innovation in virtually all industries, the chemicals sector can contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Perstorp is committed to the SDGs and Agenda 2030. We aim to provide solutions that support:

  • sustainable nutrition for growing populations
  • life in smarter and more livable societies
  • a climate neutral world

Additionally, we work to align with the EU commission's Green Deal through our membership and representation in the trade organization CEFIC.